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Why HotForex PAMM

  • High Potential Returns:
          With the PAMM Account, the potential returns are many times higher than with most traditional investment options (stocks, mutual funds, savings accounts, etc.).
  • Manager Accountability:
           One of our requirements of PAMM managers is that they have some of their own money invested in their accounts.
  • Account Transparency:
          You can access real-time reporting on your PAMM manager's performance in the HotForex Wallet
  • Flexibility with Deposits and Withdrawals:
          The PAMM Account gives you complete control over your investment. You can make a deposit or withdraw money from your account at any time at the daily rollover. No charges.
  • Select a Rescue Level and control your risk
           You decide the maximum acceptable level of loss that can be lost from your Investment account!

Why Instaforex PAMM

PAMM system by InstaForex Company is the best way to attract investments in your trading account. If you do wish to attract investments in your trading account, InstaForex PAMM system will make your quest of investors quick and convenient. After the registration with the PAMM system as a managing trader your account will be added to the monitoring list making it available for investors.

The PAMM system opportunities for managing traders:
  • Management of all investments in one account
  • No limits to the amount of investments: aninvestorcan deposit from 1 to hundreds of thousands dollars getting the corresponding share in account
  • Fast and convenient registration
  • Monitoringof the account after the registration
  • Online requests from investors
  • Email and SMS notifications about investment requests
  • Declining an investment request: a trader accepts only requests he is interested in
  • Automated calculation of trader profit share
  • Automated accrual of trader profit share after the investment refund is processed
  • Investment refund at trader's discretion: a trader can get a part of profit at his discretion
  • Share withdrawal at trader's discretion: after investors funded a trader account, the trader's own capital can be withdrawn (the part of free margin)
  • Monitoring of the account and a possibility to advertise the project in the Internet
How to become a managing trader?
Any InstaForex customer having a live trading account can become a managing trader withinInstaForex PAMM system. If you already have a trading account with InstaForex Company, in order to register with the PAMM system, authorize in Client Cabinet and click the PAMM System link in the left menu. Enter the name of your project, contact information that will be available to your investors, adjust the settings of your PAMM project and complete the registration.
Immediately after the registration your account becomes a part of the PAMM system and appears in Monitoring available to potential investors in Client Cabinet on the official website of the company and on the websites of its partners.
You will start receiving investment requests in several hours after the registration. You can either accept or decline them. The list of investment requests is available in the My Investments section of PAMM Cabinet.
To get the detailed information on how to become a managing trader within the PAMM system by InstaForex Company, please visit theRegistration with the PAMM systempage.

Trader commission
The important part of the PAMM system is PAMM trader commission for managing investor funds. So, in case an investment has brought profit, a trader gets profit according to his share in the project and commission for managing investor funds, which will be accrued to the PAMM trader account after the investment refund is processed.
How PAMM trader account works:
After the registration with the PAMM system and account replenishment, a trader starts trading and demonstrates positive results. The PAMM trader account attracts attention of a potential investor who eventually makes a decision to invest. The PAMM trader receives an investment request, accepts it and waits for synchronization. It occurs once an hour, so approximate time of waiting does not exceed half an hour. After the investments have arrived, the PAMM trader starts working. In case of taking profit, trader and investor shares are displayed on the monitoring page. If the PAMM trader or the investor decides to launch a refunding process, the investor share will be withdrawn from the PAMM trader account. At the same time a part of the investor profit will be returned to the PAMM trader account as commission.

Simultaneous registration in PAMM and ForexCopy systems.
InstaForex customers have a matchless opportunity to register in both systems using one trading account. Thus, trading one account, traders can not only accept investments in their PAMM projects, but also provide their trades for copying within the ForexCopy system. In their turn, InstaForex customers are free to choose the way they want to make money from performance of traders registered in both systems. That is, they can invest in traders’ PAMM projects as PAMM investors or copy their trades as ForexCopy followers.


PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) Account is a service that enables traders to manage simultaneously unlimited quantity of managed accounts on one live account. The service is interesting for professional traders, who manage clients’ funds.
There are 3allocation methods
Percent Allocation
Used to divide volume of the master trade to the sub accounts according to the set Percent (%) parameter of the sub accounts.
Proportional by Balance Allocation
Calculates proportion of the master trade volume according to the balances of the sub accounts.
Proportional by Equity Allocation
Similar to the proportional by Balance allocation, the difference being that Equity is used instead of Balance.
Key Advantages

  • Expert advisor functionality installed on PAMM, MT4
  • Trade from MT4, MT4 Premium/Webtrader and all smart phone devises
  • Management fee, performance fee, commission and rebate
  • Possibility to add and remove funds and accounts without interrupting trading activity
  • Choise of base currency for the trader's platform

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