Bitcoin increases dominance, but cannot grow in price

Cryptomarket starts the week in the red zone: Bitcoin (BTC) has lost 3% for the last 24 hours and is trading around $6.300, the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) had fallen by almost 10% and once again has turned back below $200, other top 10 coins now are also in

Cryptomarket was bought on dips, but there is still lack of reasons for growth

The total capitalization fell to $186 bln at one point on September 12; an especially strong decline was in the Ethereum (ETH). The second largest cryptocurrency fell to $170, the lows since July 2017. However, this drawdown attracted the interest of buyers. Soon the ETH reversed upward and the whole

Bitcoin discarded in dangerous proximity to the critical support level

The total cryptomarket capitalization is once again below $200 bln threshold as of Tuesday morning, and at the time of writing is about $196 bln. A new market drawdown was provoked by the news that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had suspended trading notes (ETN) on BTC until

The crypto bulls did not allow the Bitcoin to fall to $6K

The crypto bulls defended the Bitcoin (BTC) after a sharp decline almost by $1000 within past 24 hours, preventing it from a dropdown lower than $6K. The rest of the crypto market followed the Bitcoin and demonstrated a bigger decline, which led the market cap of TOP 100 leading currencies

Bitcoin growth for a 3rd week faces important resistance

Since August 31, the Bitcoin (BTC) has added 5% to $7,300, showing its ability to continue the growth after the breaks. The summer lull period is coming to an end and this autumn can bring an increase in trade volumes if significant news triggers appear. Since the beginning of 2018

The main trends of this summer on the crypto market

Currently, the Bitcoin (BTC) has demonstrated almost flat dynamics about 1% in the recent 24 hours after a correction from $7000 to $ 6835. The Bitcoin has been trading in the wide corridor since the beginning of February, and it seems that the BTC price of $7,000 is the limit

The Third World countries can shake up the cryptocurrency world

The cryptomarket has started Tuesday in a green zone: Bitcoin has added 4.5% coming closer to $7,050. Altcoins shows the similar dynamics: TOP-10 cryptocurrencies added from 4% (ETH) to 20% (IOTA). The total cryptomarket cap has increased by more than 12% to $228 bln within a week. It could be

Scissors for crypto miners: growing complexity with falling prices

The miracle did not happen again: the US SEC rejected 9 applications for Bitcoin ETF, and the market went down. SEC is to expand the final deadline of the Bitcoin ETF until February 2019, which will stretch again the uncertainty period for cryptomarket. However, the main cryptocurrency and the total

Bitcoin still in demand following period of recessions

Bitcoin continues to lick its wounds after a devastating correction at the start of the week, pushing the total market cap up to $213 against lows at $189 billion, the lowest level since late October 2017. This recovery can barely be considered as strong despite of the TOP-100 coins being

Crypto market lull can turn into significant movement

This week the crypto market starts generally flat. Since the 8 of August bitcoin was stuck on the $6,400 mark. The market cap fluctuates in the range of $210 to $230 billion during the last two weeks. The major altcoins are at their lows and they cant attract buyers due

Could Italy become a new Greece?

The single currency has added 0.4% to the dollar on Thursday, having calmed to the beginning of Friday trading near 1.1380. As in the case of China and Turkey, the euro rebound masks an unpleasant trend in Italian bonds. In the past month 2-years notes yield has increased from 0.6%

Bitcoins bulletproof bottom at $6000

The cryptocurrency market has started the current week with an impressive decline. The total market cap fell by 12% to $ 192 billion a day, which is less than 25% of the peak market volume in the beginning of the year. The Bitcoin once again came to the threshold level

Bitcoins trouble on the way to take over the world

The cryptocurrency demonstrated its volatility nature again. The SEC resolution to postpone the review of the applications on the Bitcoin-ETF until September caused a sell-off of the digital assets. The Bitcoin lost 12.5% after the news and the major altcoins fell much stronger. The total cryptomarket capitalization has decreased by

Bitcoin might plunge to $5 800 mark, but its not enough for Wall Street

The crypto market cap lost 20% in the last 2 weeks, falling from $300 bln to $250. The Bitcoin is trading now at around $7,000 comparing to $8,400 in the same period. Although analysts remain bullish on the BTC perspectives, currently they warn us to be cautious. In the short

Bitcoin sell-off continues as mining survival is under the threat

The Bitcoin bears keep control over the crypto market. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin lost more than 4% and is trading now near the $7,350 mark. On the bears side, there are an overbought market and the lack of positive news from the regulators. Altcoins, as usual, follow the

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