Cautious mood has returned to the stocks, Asia has turned to decline

American markets ended trading on Wednesday with a slight increase. Asian bourses also experienced growth at the opening, but it was quickly replaced by increased pressure. As a result, at the time of writing Nikkei225 loses 0.6%, Heng Seng has fallen by 0.8%. Futures for S&P500 have lost 0.1% on

Markets crave optimism: dollar in defense, stocks grow despite import tariffs

Despite the expansion of tariffs between China and the United States, global markets remain positive. MSCI Asia ex Japan adds 0.7% this morning; Hong Kongs Heng Seng increases by 1.1%, although China announced the introduction of 5-10%-tariffs for the U.S. imports of up to $60 billion. S&P500 added 0.5% on

Markets reversed to growth, despite new tariffs on China import

Trumps administration announced the introduction of 10%-tariffs for Chinese imports to $200 billion. The news had a moderate negative impact on the markets. The dynamics is limited, as the information about these measures appeared on Monday, which took from MSCI about 1% on Monday. We see something like the traditional

Emerging markets rebound seems over, dollar gains on renewed trade worries

Asian markets have turned to a decline with a renewed force. After the rebound of last week, the index MSCI Asia ex Japan loses 1.2% and is only 1.5% above the 14-month lows. Futures for S&P500 have returned to 2900 area, lost 0.4% from Fridays intraday highs. The pressure on

Rebound in Asian markets intensifies, dollar recedes

On Friday morning, the demand for risks on the Asian bourses continues to recover. MSCI for Asia ex Japan is adding more than 1.2% this morning, having evolved the increase from 14-month lows to 2.8%. Hong Kongs Heng Seng recovered to 1.5 weeks levels. Previously, we pointed out that the

Three reasons for rebounding EM indices

Asian markets are adding after reaching 14-month lows the day before. Positive markets are supported by the reports about China’s invitation to trade negotiations. Previous negotiations did not bring any results and led to a tightening of the rhetoric and tariff expansion. However, the positive markets are fuelled by the

Strong data supports U.S. markets and limits EM decline

Stocks of the Emerging Markets remain under pressure on Wednesday morning, with positive sentiments prevailing in American markets following strong macroeconomic statistics. MSCI for Asia-Pacific region has been updating its lows since July 2017, losing 0.5% on Wednesday. Hong Kongs Hang Seng loses 0.2% but is also in the area

Pound and euro press dollar on news about Brexit, despite pressure on Asian markets

Michael Barnier, the EUs top negotiator on Brexit, called a reaching of the agreement on the deal within next 6-8 weeks realistic. This news supported the growth of the British currency, returning the sterling above 1.3040 of the dollar, to the highs since the beginning of August. The reaching of

The dollar grows on wages data; falling AUD is a sign of serious slowdown for China

The US dollar is on the rise after strong U.S. labour market data published on Friday. The EURUSD is traded near 1.1540; it returned to this month lows. The U.S. stock markets had been declining the fifth day in a row on Friday, and had increased the losses during week

EM Markets sale-off spreading to DM

The current weakness on the developing countries financial markets is the longest since 2008. The similarities go further than that: as well as 10 years ago, the aggravation falls in autumn, when the funds actively review their investment strategies, and the reasons are chronic deficits and high level of

Increased flight from EM currencies and growing demand for USD

The crises process is intensifying in emerging economies, which also affects their markets and supports the demand for the dollar. S&P 500 lost 0.2% on Tuesday and returned under 2900 level, despite the Amazons growth of capitalization over $1 trillion. Asian markets are declining after the data on business slowdown

Manufacturing slow down is the price for trade uncertainty

The markets are cautiously on buy for American stocks, and the dollar adds on fears that trade conflicts are seriously stifling the business sentiment in Europe and Asia. The MSCI Index of the Asia-Pacific region ex Japan loses 0.3%, Nikkei 225 decreases by 0.1%. Pressure on the European exchanges increased

Markets under pressure before the busy week

Asian markets have been declining for a third consecutive trading session on the fears of the Chinese-U.S. trade tensions escalating. The odds are that Trump will announce the expansion of tariffs for Chinese goods worth from $50 to $200 bln. on this coming Thursday. Already introduced tariffs significantly suppress investors

Argentine peso and Turkish lira frighten markets

The markets have been under pressure on Thursday and at the start of trading on Friday, the cautiousness is growing. S&P500 dropped by 0.4% on Thursday, while Dow lost 0.5%. On Friday morning, MSCI for Asia-Pacific region is declining by 0.8%, same as the Japanese Nikkei 225. The events around

Risks of GBPUSD correction after jump as Chinese markets under pressure

The British pound maintains its position at 1.3020 on Thursday morning after rising by 1.2% from 1.2870 on Wednesday on the tone softening of the EU in the negotiations about Brexit. The chief negotiator from the EU suggested maintaining close ties with Britain, although outside the single market. These comments

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