Forex Expert Advisors - a perfect assistant trader in the foreign exchange market - trading robots or simply bots. Frankly, without trading robots today can not do any really successful trader in Forex. EA trades around the clock, knowing neither tired nor emotion. According to statistics, 88% of successful traders - a trading robots. The remaining 12% of traders - the people, but they did not last long, and after a few months or even years of successful trading conventional Forex trader rolled into a series of losses due to overexertion and excessive emotions (fear, greed and hope - the main enemies that interfere with making ). Even the professional trader, who are 100% knows where the market will go and even to what levels, does not stand up and make simple mistakes that lead to losses. And then, wanting to return the lost or cut losses more profitable transactions are at a greater risk, and as a result loses everything! Trading robot is deprived of all sorts of illusions with regards to the foreign exchange market and never make mistakes - he just buys and sells according to the algorithm developed by professional traders and proper settings (update).
Trading robot is not greedy, does not get tired and does not expect to sit out a losing trade! He coolly closes losses before they become too large and opens up a new deal for profit by a predetermined algorithm.
Our programmers led by professional traders have developed a unique automated trading system MegaForex, which very often is at the same time and in the purchase and sale (long and short). That is why we named our robot MegaForex. He was not afraid of any market upheavals and he consistently generates income for more than two years.


Futures prices indices and graphs of these prices is not likely to have a neat structure. We see no beginning, which would be specified direction of the market.This philosophy is total disorder led us to restrict our analysis of search trends or the lack thereof, and the use of appropriate indicators and strategies.We do not believe that certain future prices can be accurately predicted.But we believe that significant revenue can be derived from short-term day trades, through the immediate recognition of trends in the process of their movement and the rapid use of the turning points when they appear.Our job is to methods for the detection and measurement of force trends, and rapid detection time when the trend changes.

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MEgaforex EA is an advanced mathematical trading system and represents an ideal solution for new and experienced traders. It has already returned hundreds of percents profit on real accounts, and I am confident that it will help our clients to bank serious profits

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